• Sanid Sharjah City Team Leader (Mohamed Rashid Hassan) responded to a traffic accident that occurred on the way from Al- Ain to Dubai; between two vehicles.

    Mohamed Rashid Hassan
    Mohamed Rashid Hassan Sanid Sharjah City Team
  • Sanid Al Ain Team Leader (Ibrahim Naser Al Baloushi) plus other Sanid volunteers from Al Ain team were present in Al Ain mall due to participating in an exhibition in coordination with Civil Defence for three days. One of the mall visitors had an apparent epilepsy attack with initial state, and later grand mal symptoms. The Sanid team responded to secure airway, ensured the victim did not hurt himself, called 999, and provided first aid until professionals arrived to take over further care. The patient in question became fine. The Sanid team was commended by professional services for their response.

    Ibrahim Naser Al Baloushi
    Ibrahim Naser Al Baloushi Sanid Al Ain Team